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BUILD a better tomorrow

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Event format: Speed-meet/ Panel discussion/ Q&A

Maximum no. of attendees: N/A

Wednesday 17th March | 16:00-17:30

Event overview: 

Immerse yourself in the future – one we can create. 

Delve into the world of BUILD a new intensive and accelerated learning experience designed to help founders develop businesses with scale and purpose.

Meet the founders that are shaping our future. Awoken by the global challenges around them, these individuals have taken decisive action to solve a problem that matters to them and to the world.

Join us for a rapid tour inside the minds of our founders and the global problems they are committed to solve. The event follows a speed-meet format - 5 mins with each founder and ends with a lively interactive panel debate to bring our ideas together.

This event is for innovators, entrepreneurs and the change-makers who want to help founders accelerate positive social and economic change.

Session led by: Richelle Schuster, Head of Innovation Leeds City Council / BUILD Lead


  • Zandra Rhodes, Panintelligence

  • Adam Hildreth, Crisp

  • David Aspin, Munroe K

  • Kamran Rashid, Bradford Impact Hub

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