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Innovation in Action

Event organiser: 

University of Huddersfield

Event format: Masterclass/ Q&A

Maximum no. of attendees: 100

Thursday 18th March | 13:30-14:30

Event overview: 

3M Professor of Innovation, Liz Towns-Andrews will demystify the term ‘innovation’ and what this means for SMEs and smaller businesses. 

This masterclass will explore in practical terms how adopting innovation within a company can solve real-world problems and generate improved products and processes, considering both the people and technology factors. 

Liz will share real-life case studies of how companies in a range of sectors have used different approaches to innovation, in partnership with the University of Huddersfield, to help develop their business.

​Session run by: Jordan Furness – 3M BIC

Speakers: 3M Professor of Innovation Liz Towns-Andrews – University of Huddersfield

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