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Transforming for resilient and sustainable future

Event organiser: 

University of York Management School

Event format: Presentation/ Q&A

Maximum no. of attendees: N/A

Wednesday 17th March | 09:00-09:35

Event overview: 
Looking back we couldn’t have predicted Brexit or COVID-19. But we do know there will always be shocks whether they are caused by volcanos, financial markets, fuel blockages, factory fires, etc. May be carbon tax, energy instability and material availability are the next?


By fostering agile and resilient practices, organisations can lay the foundations for more sustainable futures. This could be from developing people, improving operations, fostering innovation, marketing capability and more. This presentation will showcase how the capabilities of the University of York Management School expertise could support your organisation become more robust, productive, lower impact, ethical and financially secure organisations. We will also provide information on how the mKTP grant funding scheme could help you to leverage funding to support you to become a more resilient business.

Session led by: Professor Peter Ball

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