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Frame (Fulton Industries Ltd) Event

Event organiser: 

Frame (Fulton Industries Ltd)

Event format: In-person

Location: TBC

Maximum no. of attendees: 40

TBC | Timings TBC

Event overview: 

This event will cover our AI For All course overview and show why it is important to harness digital skills to make yourself more employable and effective in your work.

Topics included will cover:

  • ChatGPT; how to use it, when to use and the ethical considerations of using AI

  • Using computer vision tools to generate marketing content

  • How to effectively enhance your digital knowledge and what you can work on in your spare time to demonstrate to employers your technical ability

  • For businesses: How can AI impact your workload, making you more of an effective and efficient employee

  • Industry trends; what we’ve learnt at Frame

​Session run by: Hannah Bratley - Frame (Fulton Industries Ltd)

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