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Homes for Healthy Ageing

Event organiser: 

Connected Places Catapult

Event format: Presentation/ Q&A

Maximum no. of attendees: N/A

Thursday 18th March | 10:00-10:45

Homes for Healthy Ageing: how innovation can help people live healthily and independently at home for 5+ years longer

Event overview: 

Building upon the outputs of Connected Places Catapult’s ‘Future of Housing’ Programme in 2019, we are currently designing a  ‘Homes for Healthy Ageing Programme’ to contribute towards the UK Government's goal to support older people to live at home healthily for 5+ years longer. The programme will include testing and demonstrate technologies to address challenges to healthy, independent and safe living in the home, across the UK.


Please join us to hear more about how we are approaching the design of this programme to ensure that it focuses upon user needs as well as promotes the important role of UK plc (from SMEs to established market players) in overcoming key healthy ageing challenges in the UK. We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with others who are also looking at Healthy Ageing.

​Session run by: Natalie Record - Connected Places Catapult

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