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The Future of Innovation: How will HealthTech and AI affect patient care?

Event organiser: 

Nexus (University of Leeds)

Event format: Panel discussion/ Q&A

Maximum no. of attendees: 500

Thursday 18th March | 16:00-17:30

Event overview: 

A brand new bi-monthly event series from Nexus (University of Leeds) brings together the brightest minds and leading experts to dissect the ‘big picture’ topical issues within innovation; whilst paving the way to predictions for the future.


For the first event in the series, they’ll explore the potential effects that futuristic technologies may have on patient care and how this might alter current and future landscapes.


With the rapid acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation in the use of technology throughout health services - how will the future of HealthTech and AI affect patient care?


Session CompereProf. Andy Pordoe – Host of The AI Future Show


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