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Building the blocks for an innovation dream team

Event organiser: 

Nexus (University of Leeds)

Event format: Masterclass/ Panel discussion

Maximum no. of attendees: 100

Friday 19th March | 14:00-15:00

Event overview: 

Nexus, Grow MedTech and Leeds University Business School are joining forces to help you bring innovation ‘back to basics’.

This workshop has been designed with content, insights and interactive panel discussion elements to help you explore and embed principles of innovation-led thinking into the heart of your teams, people and business. After all, innovation is a contact sport.

Perfect for startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and all round innovators - with learnings that can be applied across all sectors.

Session Chair: Sarah Underwood, Director of External Engagement and Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice (Leeds University Business School)


  • Dennis Dokter, Collaboration Team, Nexus (University of Leeds)

  • Jo Dixon-Hardy, Director of Grow MedTech

  • Danielle Miles, Programme Lead and Technology Innovation Manager (Grow MedTech)

  • Tony Morgan, Associate Professor in Innovation Management (Leeds University Business School)

  • Lena Jaspersen, University Academic Fellow in Innovation Management (Leeds University Business School)

  • Deborah Smith, Finance Director, Multi-Tech Engineering (UK) Ltd     

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