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Inspiring Stories: Amir Hussain, Yeme Tech

Event organiser: 

Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

Event format: Presentation/ Q&A

Maximum no. of attendees: 100

Thursday 18th March | 13:00-13:30

Event overview: 

Throughout the week the LEP is hosting a series of events from forward-thinking innovators and innovative businesses in the Leeds City Region.


It’s an opportunity to hear about their innovation journey, learnings and advice to offer insight and expertise to businesses who may be looking to innovate. Followed by a Q&A.

Speaker: Amir Hussain, CEO of Yeme Tech

As founder and CEO of Yeme Architects, Amir has developed it into a visionary, critical thinking group of companies executing community-led, data-informed, built environment solutions designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of a complex new future. Furthermore, Amir’s Board Member positions with the Leeds City Region LEP, Bradford University and Bradford Economic Partnership, (together with a range of other Panel/Board positions) provides comprehensive insight into some of the most intractable contextual issues of our time.

In subsequently founding Yeme Labs and Yeme Tech, Amir has been instrumental in creating technological platform solutions responding to the widespread shortcomings of cohesion, integration and engagement within many communities.

With extensive experience of incorporating technology and data into innovative, built-environment schemes (especially in disadvantaged areas), Amir has created and established nationally recognised principles around community regeneration in the built environment. As a regular contributor to senior-level, policy debates and discussions within national and local Government, Amir brings a uniquely entrepreneurial and personal perspective to the post-COVID recovery debate.

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