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A Global Sustainable Pace: How to create and maintain focus on sustainability while delivering

Event organiser: AND Digital

Event format: Virtual

Wednesday 15th November 2023 | 12PM - 1PM

We challenge you to help your company, clients & the planet to be more sustainable for the future through innovation and agile practices.

At this pivotal moment in human history, we have an immense opportunity to help change the way we are for the better. Agilists as agents of change are in a unique and blessed position to help the world change into a more sustainable and peaceful version of itself.

We will investigate the current state of the world in relation to our planetary boundaries, and how digital can impact them, for better or worse.

In this interactive workshop, we will show the art of the possible from techniques born within the Agile movement, and invite participants to crowdsource and start their own journey, whether it be personal or within their workplace towards a more sustainable future using agility and their power as agents of change.

Participant takeaways:

  • The way we live now is unsustainable; understand why we need change to achieve a global sustainable pace and why we don’t have time to wait.

  • We already have all the skills we need to change our pace.

  • Apply sustainability goals as Agilists, using our skills to find ways we can contribute through our work. Incredible innovation is already underway.

  • Learn more and be inspired by what’s already going on in sustainability. We need big ideas and to take the first step in our new pace.


​Session run by: AND Digital

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