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Innovate for impact: Harnessing the power of knowledge transfer for business growth

Event organiser: Nexus, The University of Leeds

Event format: In-person

Location: Nexus, Discovery Way, University of Leeds, LS2 3AA

Nexus, Discovery Way, University of Leeds, LS2 3AA | Thursday 16th November 2023 4:30PM - 6:30PM

Are you trying to bridge the gap between your business’s needs and the expertise and capabilities of your company?

Come along to this event to learn how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) can help solve your strategic business challenges.

At this event, you’ll hear real-life experiences of LBBC and Andel, who have been through (or are going through) their KTP journey. We’ll dive deep into the outcome, the value of KTPs and how they overcome the challenges of their KTP projects.

Compered by Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), the panel shares insights from the business perspectives and associate perspectives:

LBBC Technologies:

A leading family-owned Yorkshire-based engineering firm has been collaborating with the University of Leeds for over a decade through multiple KTPs and studentships as part of their long-term innovation strategy.


A leading global brand providing innovative environmental protection solutions are collaborating with a multi-disciplinary academic team from the University of Leeds to develop advanced flood defence solutions to tackle the challenges of climate change.


What is Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)?

A KTP is a meeting of minds between academia and industry. It gives a business the opportunity to embed new expertise and access to the latest research and knowledge housed at a university. A KTP can power innovation within a business, increasing competitiveness, productivity and profitability.

A KTP will see a graduate or postgraduate placed within a business as a ‘KTP Associate’, formally employed by the university. The KTP Associate acts as a conduit for knowledge transfer from the university to the business.

Who is this for?

This event is perfect for business leaders who are:

  • looking for solutions to their business challenges

  • wanting to make step-change improvements for their business

  • wanting to bring new expertise into their organisation

  • looking to up-skill (and retain) their people


LBBC Technologies:

  • Andrew Quayle, General Manager, LBBC Beechwood

  • Danny Burkle, Business Development Engineer, LBBC Baskerville

  • Andrew Smith, Knowldege Transfer Associate (IoT and Cloud-data driven insight), LBBC Technologies

  • Xi Chen, Digital Transformation Associate, LBBC Beechwood; KTP Associate, University of Leeds


  • Peter Double, Managing Director, Andel

  • Devakunjari Vadibeler, Postdoctoral KTP Associate, University of Leeds

Compered by Ian Blakemore from Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

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