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Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire

Event organiser: 

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Event format: Virtual

Maximum no. of attendees: 100

Wednesday 15th November | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Event overview: 

Come and join us as our policy makers and community leaders discuss how we are tackling digital exclusion in West Yorkshire. If you’re a business who wants to play a more active role in your community, an individual who is looking for a career in digital inclusion, or a community organisation/charity wanting to find out what support you can receive, please join this virtual session to learn more about digital inclusion and be part of the solution.

​Session run by: Jason Tutin, Marianne Hewitt & Zainab Hussain - West Yorkshire Combined Authority

In an increasingly digital society, people manage their money, health, housing, leisure and mental wellbeing through online platforms and digital solutions. Those who are digitally excluded are some of the most vulnerable in society, who rely on trusted relationships within their communities and often fragile connections with support systems.

  • It’s a homeless person trying to move into permanent housing while overcoming addiction and mental health challenges.

  • It’s an older person approaching end of life in a care home. It’s an asylum seeker learning English and applying for settled status. It’s a working person on a low income.

  • It’s someone who is unemployed. It’s someone with long-term health conditions and disabilities.

  • It’s someone trying to start up a business from their mobile phone.

  • It’s people facing and dealing with multiple challenges in their lives every single day.

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