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Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire

Event organiser: 

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Event format: Virtual

Maximum no. of attendees: 100

Wednesday 15th November | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Event overview: 

Digital inclusion is an enabler to help people, communities, and services to achieve a wide range of ambitions and outcomes. West Yorkshire Combined Authority has secured funding to create a digital inclusion programme that will help people and communities across the region. The programme will deliver the priority actions in the West Yorkshire Digital Skills plan


Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire will build on the success of 100% Digital Leeds, which is one of the most successful, high-profile and well-respected digital inclusion programmes in the country. We will use the 100% Digital Leeds Community-based approach to digital inclusion as our template to develop local initiatives. 


Speakers will include:


  • Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire 

  • Leonardo Tantari, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Leeds City Council and NHS (Leeds) West Yorkshire ICB  

  • Amy Hearn, Digital Inclusion Manager, 100% Digital Leeds 

  • Sharon Sanders, Digital Inclusion Programme Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

  • Representatives from community organisations across the region 

Who would benefit from attending this event?  


  • Community organisations and charities who want to know about the support you can receive through Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire. 

  • Local council officers who want to know how Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire can help you to achieve your policy objectives and outcomes. 

  • Health and care providers who want to know how Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire can increase engagement, participation and use of digital health and care services. 

  • Private sector businesses who want to play a more active role in your community by supporting Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire. 

  • Individuals who are interested in a career in digital inclusion, or are already working in this area and would like to learn more about Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire. 

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