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AI for West Yorkshire 

Event organiser: 

AI Tech UK

Event format: In-person

Location: Hays Leeds - 5Th Floor, Broad Gate, 1 The Headrow, Leeds

Maximum no. of attendees: 250

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Hays Leeds - 5Th Floor, Broad Gate, 1 The Headrow, Leeds | Thursday 16th November 2023
10AM - 4:30PM

Did you know 80% of Businesses fail to understand, implement and operationalize AI? 😨


Worry not! We have curated years of expert experience and formulated a methodology for successful AI Delivery. In collaboration with West Yorkshire Innovation Festival, we present "AI for West Yorkshire" powered by AI Tech UK. 


Join us for a full day for an exciting, interactive and thought-provoking conversations, hands-on workshops with experts from all around. As we are launching our first National AI Programme session, you are ALL invited! 


AI for West Yorkshire 

One of the huge, inescapable concerns is how one can integrate AI into their businesses. 


  • Are you finding AI implementation challenging? 

  • Do you have the AI skills and knowledge to be successful? 

  • Do you have an efficient AI strategy in place? 

Join us for a full day workshop designed to help you understand and implement artificial intelligence in your business. 


Session 1: AI For Business - Enabling businesses prosper with AI. 

Session 2: AI For Start-ups - Fostering new businesses and future job opportunities. 

Session 3: AI For Diversity - Creating more STEM opportunities, WIT and how EDI is a superpower. 

Session 4: Ethical Empowerment - Demystifying Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Data, and AI Ethics.

The sessions enable you to discover the power of digital transformation with AI, how it can benefit you, you start-up and your business, and offer you a competitive advantage in your industry over the course of an entire day! 


This programme is organised by AI Tech UK, in collaboration with West Yorkshire Combined Authority & West Yorkshire Innovation Festival. 


Come and join us for multiple free AI strategy days and get a certificate badge by enrolling for the full yearly programme! 


To get wider benefits apply to our full year programme -

This programme does not require you to be a 'techie' to benefit from it. Everyone is welcome!

​Session run by: AI Tech UK

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