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Building West Yorkshire’s Rail Innovation


Event organiser: 

Northern Rail Innovation Network (University of Huddersfield / University of Leeds)

Event format: Presentation/ Discussion

Maximum no. of attendees: N/A

Friday 19th March | 10:00-11:00

Event overview: 

The event will outline the key strengths of West Yorkshire’s combined strengths in railway research and innovation as identified in a recent study – the formation of a new Northern Rail Innovation Network (led by the Universities of Huddersfield and Leeds) – and discuss future priorities and potential collaborations with industry. 

10:00 – Introductions (Panel – Richard Carr (Chair), Simon Iwnicki, Paul Allen, Peter Woodward, Jonathan Hobson, James Devitt)

10:05 – Presentation – The Rail Innovation Eco-System Study - summary of key findings (Jonathan Hobson)

10:15 – Introduction to Rail Research at University of Huddersfield Institute of Railway Research (Paul Allen)

10:25 – Introduction to Rail Research at University of Leeds Institute for High-Speed Rail and System Integration (Peter Woodward)

10:35 – Northern Rail Innovation Network (NRIN) (Richard Carr and James Devitt)

10:40 – Workshop Discussion – key priorities for NRIN action / collaboration. 

11:00 - Close

Session led by: Richard Carr and James Devitt

Parties involved: 

  • University of Huddersfield

  • University of Leeds

  • Perspective Economics

  • Members of the Northern Rail Innovation Network

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